Ever experienced a situation where you have a memorable photograph from years ago, but wished the quality was high enough for use in present times? You scan it, but are unable to crop your face to use as profile photo because the pixel quality is low.. Well this what am getting at. The tools or equipment make the difference and when it matters that much more, you invest in the tools of the trade. I have been playing with blogs for years now and with my iPad, I have reached a point in time I just need a robust and professional tool to blog on further!

Enter Blogsy – Now I have a DSLR camera for my photos and Vortex Diamondback binoculars for my expeditions! Well, I have the professional tool to get the job done the way it ought to; this is what am saying! Blogsy is everything a professional blogger needs to be in the business, i.e. assuming one has the intellectual tools (skill) already in place.
This is intended as a note of appreciation for Blogsy and a micro review at the same time.

Why would one review or discuss a blogging tool in a travel site? Well, VON FIDEL Travel is like the open-source alternative to the propriety travel industry. You decide how everything should be. From food to gear, your travel with us is an adventure YOU create. Among this new breed of revolutionary travelers pioneering freedom travel are the digital nomad types. CamelBak hydration pack on back, Macbook Pro tucked in it, Pelican case as luggage with professional camera gear safely stowed away in it – this is what we are talking about! – Alfie Ameer

Inquire about private hunting expeditions.

This is a truly adventurous expedition for the tactical geek. Patrol by evening, set up surveillance camera traps while geocaching GPS coordinates on our Bushnell HuntTrack GPS devices and return to camp for chilled beer. By dawn the following day we track back, download surveillance data and plan the hunt. By dusk you are on the trail with an ambush team. Imagine the rest!


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