So here is the story.. It all began with our expeditions into the ecotourism capital of Sri Lanka, Habarana. Alfie established Sri Lanka’s pioneer working dog training operation in the area and travelled here extensively performing tracking, patrol and other training activities with working dogs.. This experience grew within taking a foothold in us.

Growing up in Sri Lanka, a decade or so in the US and extensive international travel on the job was a motivation to offer quality vacation packages to like minded people. Like minded in this context would be someone seeking a peaceful vacation, adventure or self-defined mission within a smart budget. By “like minded” we mean the individual that has dined at the five stars yet appreciates dining under the five stars to appreciate cost savings. Get it?

VON FIDEL Travel is a customized vacation concept offering you options inaccessible through mainstream travel operators. We have special arrangements with local lodging, transport and activity operators in Sri Lanka so our guests enjoy their vacation in this paradise island, sans frustration & disappointment.

We will guide you, from inquiry to project managing your arrival through departure in Sri Lanka. We take pleasure in offering you a transparent and professional service with a personal touch. We offer you everything Imaginable from a local perspective so you do not get fleeced by the sharks! From SIM cards at arrival to internet access throughout your stay at local NO-STAR rates, first aid kit in the vehicle to clean drinking water, binoculars to GPS and other needs – we’ve got you covered! Alfie takes pleasure in sharing expertise on gear, techniques and technology so you go home with the most memorable vacation you have taken in a foreign country! All we expect is a positive review so we may continue to doing what we enjoy while sharing the goodness.

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